spotlight on metro caring


At shelter, we have a heart for our community and are dedicated to giving to nonprofit organizations that provide physical, emotional, and/or spiritual shelter to our neighbors in need. In June, we recognized Metro Caring, Denver’s Frontline Hunger-Prevention Organization, through financial donation and by volunteering alongside their dedicated workers. Metro Caring’s mission to provide nutritious food to hungry families and individuals while promoting health and self-sufficiency speaks to our own values of contributing positively to our ever-changing world and environment.

Metro Caring began working to fight hunger in 1974. In the following decades, their organization has grown to offer their Fresh-Foods Market, classes on nutrition and gardening, and tools for self-sufficiency like job-training programs, financial literacy education and more. Through these programs, Metro Caring aims to sustainably address the greater issues of poverty while providing agency and education to its participants.

According to the USDA, an estimated 30-40% of the United States food supply goes to waste. Understandably, these numbers have a negative impact on food security in this country. Through partnerships with grocery stores, farmers, community gardens, and the Denver International Airport, Metro Caring is working to provide healthy food that would have otherwise gone to waste. This allows 72% percent of the 2.3 million pounds of food distributed by Metro Caring to be fresh while giving users of their Fresh-Foods Market the option to shop for free based on dietary and cultural preferences.

At shelter, we strive to honor our clients and community by assisting nonprofits like Metro Caring with our time and from our pockets. We do this in gratitude for the work that they do to provide the emotional shelter that we believe is crucial to improving the lives of our neighbors.

If you would like to learn more about Metro Caring, and how you can contribute, please visit their website at



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