"For our clients we provide SHELTER...

.…A place to rest and rejuvenate. A place to create, and a place for peace.For privacy and family, as well as friends and community. Where we laugh and where we cry. Our homes are where we sleep, eat, grow and commune. It is the SHELTER for our bodies and for our souls. It is our great honor to facilitate the transaction of SHELTER, and it is with deep gratitude that we use these opportunities to give back and change even more lives.”




discover the shelter difference.



We carry our commitment to respect and professionalism through every interaction we have in our business. Through our years of experience we have learned the art of persuasion and writing stand-out (beyond just price) and tight contracts that protect you throughout the entire process. You can be confident that our goal will be safeguarding your best interests as we successfully accomplish your real estate goals.

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The reason you hire a real estate agent is for expertise and guidance through a potentially complex process. Through this experience we have built a process that makes what can be very complicated feel smooth to our clients. From cutting edge software and search tools to a responsive, professional team, you will feel a sense of ease throughout the entire process and know that you have chosen your real estate team wisely.

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Our core real estate capabilities empower us to build a sense of community with our clients and simultaneously pour back into our community through charitable giving with each transaction. We believe that we truly can change lives through real estate—for our clients during this important journey and those in need of spiritual, emotional or physical shelter.

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Our office is conveniently located in the charming town of Ridgefield, CT to serve our clients in both Fairfield & Westchester Counties.


We take the stress out of real estate transactions. You’ll breathe deeply knowing we are always one step ahead, looking out for your best interests.

— Heather Parrish


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