our premium listing package

This is most popular package and offers the most value. The concept behind our Premium Package comes from the automotive industry. We know that cars (especially luxury cars) that are “certified, pre-owned” vehicles garner notably higher prices.

Our Premium Package shows the homebuyer that your house has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and comes with a 1 year home warranty to give them comfort and peace of mind with their home buying decision. This process also allows you, and the home seller, to understand any issues with your house, and be able to address them (either through actual repairs, or professional estimates) prior to negotiating on inspection items that will be identified by the homebuyer once they are under contract. Furthermore, it gives our team deep insight into the condition of your home and allows us to speak about and represent all of the home’s details with a high degree of confidence. We can actually answer most questions before they are ever asked!

Our clients also enjoy peace of mind that their house is covered by a home warranty from the day you sign your listing agreement. Additionally, having your house professionally cleaned, by someone else, adds significant value during showings and open house times. Our professional staging consultation helps to show your house in the best possible light. Most of our owner-occupied houses will not require additional staging items like furniture, wall hangings or bath/kitchen accessories. The stager will just give guidance on how to best utilize the items you already have, and make suggestions on decluttering and de-personalizing your house. (Note: if staging items are recommended/needed, the cost of those items is the responsibility of the seller)

Once we have completed all of the inspections (house, roof, and sewer line), we will review these details with the home seller, and decide which items, if any, need to be addressed. We make a digital presentation of these items, including the home book and the marketing brochure. This presentation is emailed to every real estate agent that requests a showing, and they are encouraged to share this information with their buyers. We also share this information with all of the potential buyers we have in our database. Additionally, hard copies of this information are prepared and displayed at your house, along with brochures detailing the home warranty and the inspection process.

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