5 reasons millennials choose to buy a home


Millennial Buyers

The millennial demographic is now a force to reckon with in real estate. In 2017 they made up 34% of Amercian home buyers. Not only are they already purchasing real estate, but they’re providing a huge rise in potential future homeowners as well. 32% of millennials in the US are estimated to be living in their parent’s homes. That is roughly 25 million people between 18-34 who don’t own their living space. Of that 25 million, about 80% have shown interest in doing so.

The primary concern among millennials is affordability. It’s clear that they want to buy. However, there are plenty of misconceptions about what is really required to purchase a home. A little clarity may be the extra boost they need.


Bottom Line

If you are a millennial in search of your own space, contact us. We’ll walk you through the process with patience and ease.