the shelter 2018 giving report


Each year we partner with returning clients & new friends to support their real estate journey and transactions. These transactions inevitably equal life changes, new starts, expanding families, empty nesters, shifting goals. It is our deepest, heartfelt intention that through these real estate transactions we will improve their lives for the better through our giving.

But our vision doesn’t stop there… As a direct result of these transactions, we donate a portion of our commission to local non-profits whose intention is also to improve the lives of their clients by providing physical, emotional or spiritual shelter to our community.

This year we donated a total of $10,350 and a significant amount was sent to a local nonprofit, Hope in Our City, whose mission is “to build relationships in refugee neighborhoods to foster healthy community and make generational impact. Through friendships, all other needs come into clearer view.” Shelter has donated a total of $30,510 since we started in July 2016.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your process. We are grateful to be on this real estate journey together.