20 ways to prepare your house to sell this spring | part 1


There is more to selling a house than just putting it on the market – especially in a busy season like spring. With these tips, you’ll be more likely to make an impression on prospective buyers. This is something real estate agents consider very important this time of year.


For this two-part article, let’s start with the very first space buyers will notice of your home – the exterior.


Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal


1. Give your entry a facelift

This is easily done by giving your front door a good scrub or a new coat of paint. Even just hosing down the entryway and adding a front door hanging can provide a welcoming feel to intrigue buyers. It really doesn’t take much to make this area of your home inviting.


2. Don’t forget to landscape your yard!

A well-groomed lawn gives the appearance of care. It doesn’t need to be too involved either. Mowing the grass and de-weeding can go a long way to improving the look of your exterior. If you don’t have the time or desire to do this yourself, Denver has plenty of companies that can come out and do this for you.


3. Make sure all exterior lights are in working order

Check your light bulbs! Replace any that are out or flickering. Buyers look at these things, and taking care of this task now will benefit you later.


4. Wash all windows (inside and out)

Give those windows a good wash – screen and all. Companies like Windex make products specifically for washing outdoor windows. These are really great if you have high windows that are hard to reach. Screens can be easily cleaned with foam cleaner, a bristled cleaning brush and a hose.


5. Clean out your garage!

Buyers want to envision their own objects in your space, and that’s more difficult to do if it’s full. If you can, go through and purge your garage of trash and donatable items. Not only will this help in selling your home, it will be easier to move later with less stuff. If this isn’t an option, consider moving your excess items into a storage facility while you are in the home-showing process.


6. Add a pop of color by planting flowers

A tidy lawn with fresh flowers can make any exterior look clean and inviting. Plant some freshly bloomed flowers, or pick up a couple of flower pots for your yard. If you have animals that go outside, please make sure to use pet-friendly plants just in case they show an interest. No lilies or tulips.


7. Remove any lawn ornaments

You may love your garden gnomes, we may love your garden gnomes, but a clean slate is best for showing your home. Pack up any lawn ornaments that you plan to take with you and donate the rest.


8. Replace a worn out welcome mat

A dirty welcome mat can really dampen all the work you may have done to cleaning up outdoors. Give your mat a good clean, or toss it for a new one. Even a basic inexpensive mat will look better than a dirty one.


9. Paint or replace the street numbers

This not only looks great, it also helps buyers find your home. Be sure to check with your HOA first if you have one. You may be in violation if you paint on new numbers, or repaint existing numbers incorrectly.


10. Power wash any outdoor surfaces to give them a “like new” feel

If you have the time, consider hiring a company to power wash your home. It will make it feel brand new – trust us!