20 ways to prepare your house to sell this spring | part 2


There is more to selling a house than just putting it on the market – especially in a busy season like spring. With these tips, you’ll be more likely to make an impression on prospective buyers. Last week we talked about Improving Your House’s Curb Appeal. This week we’ll tell you how to make your buyers feel at home (and inspiring them to actually make it their home!).


Make Your House Feel Like Home to Buyers


1. Clean everything!

A clean home will help buyers feel comfortable and allow them to focus on its positives without distraction. It can really give buyers a chance to imagine themselves living there no matter where they fall on the clean freak scale.


2. Give every room a purpose

If you have a room that has become a sort of room-at-large, assign it a use. No office/guest room/game rooms here. Pick one identity, and stage that room accordingly. This will give buyers an easy view of its possibilities.


3. Let the light in!

Rooms feel bigger and warmer when bathed in light. Dark rooms can feel cramped and uncomfortable. Let the light in to create an inviting space for buyers to explore.


4. Fix anything that is broken

Buyers will absolutely be on the lookout for defects, and they’ll be ready to use them to negotiate a lower price. If repairs are needed it’s best to take care of them before showing your home.


5. Unclutter your house

Clutter can make it look like you have less storage than you do. Buyers want to feel like they’re getting enough room for their buck. Declutter your closets, under your bed, cabinets, etc. Not only will this showcase how much they can store, it will make cleaning and packing easier. If you can’t or don’t want to get rid of anything, consider renting a small storage space for your excess items.


6. Fresh paint and new carpet

These are two simple home renovations you can do to increase your home’s value. They aren’t expensive compared to other reno projects, and the ROI makes it worth the trouble.


7. Organize the kitchen!

This goes along with decluttering. Get rid of or store non-essential appliances, and give all of your kitchen surfaces a scrub. Don’t forget the walls around the stove which can get really greasy. The kitchen is a space you don’t want to skimp on when it comes to cleaning.


8. Empty all trash bins and hide any dirty laundry

This should go without saying, but no one wants to see your family’s dirty items.


9. Make sure all doors open and close smoothly

Buyers are going to want to go into every room, so make it easy for them. Make sure nothing is blocking any entryway, and fix all repairable squeaks and creaks – including on closet doors.


10. Replace light bulbs with new ones

Buyers are going to turn on and off every available lightswitch so make sure that they all work.